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Session Descriptions

The mission of Adventures in Awareness sessions, seminars and workshops it to consciously engage the power of horses in learning compassionate communication, exploring heart-based interpersonal relationship intimacy, while practicing self responsibility focused on personal growth and insight development.

This equine facilitated experiential learning process is suitable for groups, students beginning a career path and individuals of any age interested in achieving clarity of life purpose, rewarding interpersonal relationships, and compassionate heart centered communication skills. Carefully structured interactive exercises are designed to create bonding, promote team building, and develop personal insights.

Please check our calendar for the schedule of the sessions and other activities.

Session Descriptions

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  1. Taste Of AIA
  2. Relationship Energetics
  3. The Equine Perspective
  4. Fast Track Intensive

Tucson, Arizona

For Directors, Division and Department Heads

80% of human interaction is non-verbal communication.
This day long Integral HorseMapping seminar works with horses to teach leadership and communication skills, effective processes for achieving goals and overcoming obstacles while promoting team development.
Leadership with Heart

Tomales, California

Three Ways of Paying Attention

Join us for a discovery process for our preferred access to intuitive knowing. By the completion of our two and a half days together, you will have practical knowledge of your personal intuitive process and develop skills in consciously exercising the human capacity for deliberately shifting your awareness.

Discover Heart Portals

Tucson, Arizona
Raven, Ranch

You are invited to explore the heart of the horse through the pioneering, internationally acclaimed work of Barbara Rector and AIA.

Please contact Barbara at 520.247.3383 to schedule a day for your Session before registering.

Contact: Barbara Rector +1 520.247.3383 or to schedule an individual session.

Explore the Heart of the Horse

Tucson, Arizona
Jan Butler Loveless, Ph.D. is Director of an Award winning Literacy Program with the Help of Horses who is completing her Adventures In Awareness Internship Practicum. She is joined by Adventures In Awareness Internship Program faculty, Ann Alden, MA, CEIP-ED, & Barbara Rector, MA, CEIP-ED, the AIA herd at Raven and Anna Calek, MA, USDF Silver, AIA horse professional

Contact: Barbara Rector +1 520.247.3383 or


Tucson, Arizona
  • Schedule an individual or group session by calling 520.247.3383 or email
  • Tuition is $2,150 Fee includes all on site services, activities and teaching materials. Travel, lodgings, and meals are your responsibility.
  • Deposit of $1,075 required


Dates & Location TBA
Horses facilitate an inward journey based on principles of Holotropic (moving into wholeness) consciousness to access non-ordinary states of awareness. Experience the gifts of feelings, information rich emotions, the influence of attention and intention, and the significance of energy principles to expand your awareness, enhance intimacy skills and grow in consciousness. You may expect increased confidence in your intuitive skill and experiential knowledge of multiple realities.
AIA Journey Ride


This workshop provides opportunities to practice the theory and principles of Adventures In Awareness (AIA) equine facilitated experiential learning. We will work through the core essential elements of the Adventures In Awareness equine facilitated experiential learning process with the horses. The AIA Facilitation Seminar offers the educator, horse professional, and/or individual interested in learning an opportunity to discover their unique gift for wellness.
Facilitation Skills


The purpose of the AIA short courses is to focus on elements of the AIA process of Wellness Work with Horses. Each (2 day and 1 evening) practicum intensive examines principles, theory and practice of AIA's equine inner-actives.

The vision of AIA short courses is to offer both the general public and the potential AIA Internship student an opportunity to learn through doing (equine facilitated learning) while focused on a specific aspect of Adventures In Awareness equine facilitated experiential learning process work. The curriculum is designed to develop communication and interpersonal relationship skills, promote awareness, and integrate insights into activities of daily life. Horses facilitate our developing Consciousness.

During each AIA short course the AIA Responsibility Agreement is examined and practiced. The significance of self responsibility as contributing to group safety and intuitively known, a function of emotional intelligence, is developed through AIA's equine inner-actives with the horses.


This 3 day course is the basic introduction to the AIA principles, theory and practice. Emphasis is on the AIA Responsibility Agreement. Areas of study are: responsibility agreement, centering, mutual choosing inner-active, heart scanning process, Con Su Permiso, imaginary lead line, elementary equine physiology and psychology as metaphor for life skills and round ring congruent message sending.

Tast of AIA

Host a TASTE OF AIA in Your Area
Learn how your can host your own TASTE OF AIA in your area. Contact Barbara for a Host Package and to secure her travel to your area: 520.247.3383

Student seeking job shadow week opportunities with Barbara write a letter or e-mail stating purpose and mission for in depth study of Equine Experiential Learning facilitation skills. Logistics and specifics of arrangements upon request.

To register: download, print and complete this form and send to:

9852 E. Skyview Drive Tucson, AZ 85748 USA

Dates TBA – Tucson, Arizona
  • Workshop price: $950 Tuition fee includes teaching notebook, facility, equine and human faculty, light dinner Friday evening, lunches and snacks Saturday and Sunday. While some helmets are available for mounted exercises, please bring your own if possible and dress in layers with long pants, sun hat and sturdy shoes. Travel and lodgings on your own.
  • Contact: Barbara Rector 520.247.3383
  • Deposit: $600 Please print the form below and send application and check c/o: Barbara Rector, 9852 E. Skyview Drive, Tucson, AZ. 85748 USA Deposits are non-refundable but do apply to other workshops.
  • Registration Form
  • Suggested Lodgings: Comfort Suites on Tanque Verde: 1.800.4choice or or the Hilton Tucson East 520.721.5600 E. Broadway (85710). There is also nearby Bed & Breakfast The Desert Oasis of Tucson, Hacienda del Desierto 800.982.1795

Relationship Energetics
The purpose of AIAs Relationship Energetics workshop is to focus on the subtle energetic components of relationships in order to develop more effective and compassionate communication. One of the keys to developing deeper awareness in our relationships is connection with our authentic Self. Aligning with intention in clear authentic congruency, we listen with heart based presence. Through practice with the horses, we develop and enhance our interpersonal intimacy skills.

Effective relationship with horses as with people depends on the quality of our self knowledge and subsequent communication. In this workshop we examine the concept of projection and the role it plays in our inner-actions with horses, others and ourselves. The emphasis here is generalizing the AIA principles to facets of everyday life through the lens of world behind our eyes. Our focus is the round ring tending gestalts. Our emphasis is the role of "witness."

Register by printing an application and sending $600 deposit check made out to AIA. Send application and check c/o: Barbara Rector, 9852 E. Skyview Drive, Tucson, AZ. 85748 USA Deposits are non-refundable but do apply to other workshops. By design, AIA groups are small; early registration is suggested. Tuition fee includes teaching notebook, facility, equine and human faculty, light dinner Friday evening, lunches and snacks Saturday and Sunday. While some helmets are available for mounted exercises, please bring your own if possible and dress in layers with long pants, sun hat and sturdy shoes. Travel and lodgings on your own.

Workshop schedule:
Friday 3 - 9 pm
Saturday morning 9 am - 5 pm
Sunday morning 9:30 am - 2:30 pm

Dates & Location TBA
In this 3 day course we focus on building our skill base 'reading the horse' – exploring language of Equus, basic AIA inner-active exercises and elementary (balance seat) mounted work leading to AIA's Developmental Feelings Process. The principles inherent in a schooling barn's training regime are explored and worked as metaphor for developing life skills.
Equine Perspective


Dates & Location TBA
Fast Track Intensive includes the principles of Relationship Energetic and The Equine Perspective merged with new advanced curriculum of Integral HorseMapping. This is Significant opportunity for the student of Equine Facilitated Learning to develop familiarity with core AIA principles that both include and interface with the remarkable Integral HorseMapping process suitable for both group and individual work.
Fast Track Intensive

Adventures in Awareness(TM)
Adventures In Awareness