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Expressing Thanks and Gratitude
Barbara's October 2021 interview
with Gerhard Jes Krebs
Barbara's March 2021 Interview with
Leif Hallberg
The HERD Institute:
Interview with Barbara
Dave Harris: "Barbara's Stories Through Her
Perpetual Lens"
Barbara Rector's
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The 2018 James Brady
Award at PATH, Intl,
Orlando Florida
Healing with Horse - TeleSummit Safety
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Portals to Multidimensionality
By Barbara K. Rector, MA, CEFIP-ED

Start following Barbara's journey how horses have helped open the multidimensionality portals, available to everyone and are available to all of us. This book with the first of a series.

Available at:

Learning with the Help of Horses

Learning with the Help of Horses
By Barbara K. Rector, MA, CEFIP-ED

The Handbook of Equine Facilitated Experiential Learning through the lens of Adventures In Awareness offers the theory, principles and practice of equine inner-active exercises for wellness work with horses.

Outlined in detail is AIA's 5 DAY Equine Facilitated Experiential Learning Curriculum, an enrichment and prevention program for at risk youth, and those with severe emotional and behavioral disturbances; it features the AIA™ process.

Learning with the Help of Horses
AIA promotes working with horses as a reflective and reflection experience, mirroring personal and interpersonal relationships. The specially designed interactive and inner-active exercises develop communication (including interspecies) skills, promote team building, promote self developed insights and contribute to the ability to be responsible for self. The basic AIA principle is that awake aware responsible individuals living the Adventures In Awareness responsibility agreement make healthy behavior choices.

Available at:
Author House

Through The Perceptual Lense of Barbara Rector
To purchase, Send $25 check (cost $20) plus tax, postage & handling made out to : AIA %Barbara K. Rector, 9852 E. Skyview Drive, Tucson, AZ 85748 USA

$1 of each sale goes to Therapeutic Riding of Tucson
Through The Perceptual Lense of Barbara Rector

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