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Leadership with Heart
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Engage the Power of the Horse
Learn communication and intimacy skills
Develop clarity of intention and focus
Practice mindful meditation

This equine facilitated experiential learning process work is suitable for individuals of any age interested in achieving clarity of life purpose, rewarding interpersonal relationships, and compassionate heart centered communication skills. Carefully structured interactive exercises are designed to create bonding, promote team building, and develop personal insights.

These workshops and seminars are available worldwide.

Adventures In Awareness

Leadership with Heart Leadership with Heart

Invigorating and Fun Training Workshop

Leadership with Heart is participant-centered and solution-focused. Since 80% of human interaction is non-verbal communication, Leadership with Heart uses non-verbal horse behavior to simulate team dynamics for new insights.

Bookings for Leadership Skills Training may be arranged by a call to Barbara at: +1.520.247.3383 or via email Click here to download informational flyer.

Events, Workshops, Seminars and Morse

AIA Principles of Mounted Work, March 6 - 8, 2015, Sonoita, Arizona
The Realms of Leadership Three Day Workshop for Life Learners
Expand your program options by including mounted work with horses. Discover how to to access the landscape of an individual's interior more easily through the horse's movement and learn to utilize full support team roles.

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Discover Heart Portals, May 1 - 3, 2015, Tomales, California
Discover Heart Portals Three Ways of Paying Attention
Join us for a discovery process for our preferred access to intuitive knowing. By the completion of our two and a half days together, you will have practical knowledge of your personal intuitive process and develop skills in consciously exercising the human capacity for deliberately shifting your awareness.

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AIA Individual Student Intensive Workshop, Tucson, Arizona
AIA Individual Student Intensive Workshop Schedule an Individual Student Intensive Workshop
Personally designed intensive study with Barbara Rector & the AIA staff, human & equine in AIA Equine Facilitated Experiential Learning process work.

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Adventures in Awareness(TM)
Adventures In Awareness