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Horse Job Description

The qualified ADVENTURES IN AWARENESS (AIA) horse, suitable for a trial period (90 days) in AIA equine facilitated experiential learning process work is kind, comfortable with groups of people surrounding him/her, is bright of mind, and full of energy, with 3 quality gaits. Such a horse accepts a full developmental vaulting team of trained horse handler, 2 side walkers, and mounted gymnastics.

Ideally the horse's back is well muscled, strengthened through regular schooling of basic dressage figures at walk, trot, canter by an educated rider. Sensible and willing on the trail, alone or in company, the suitable candidate has mastered thinking for self while joining with human in a mutually beneficial relationship. The AIA horse is comfortable working on the longe in side reins with or without a mounted rider.

Horse Job Description
Said horse is not shut down or turned off by work. She/he has a strong sense of self and handles life in a herd of both mares and geldings. The really exceptional horse enjoys the round ring reasoning exercises and is open to developing bridle less riding skills. It is helpful for the horse to be OK with either English or Western tack, especially the pad, surcingle, and side reins. Generally, snaffle bits are used.

Basic good health is required. AIA Barn Manager works with owner on individual eating plans and necessary supplements. It is understood that most horses have unique conformation characteristics that may result in "serviceable soundness" situations.

AIA utilizes the services of a skilled veterinarian, in collaboration with professional acupuncture practitioner, chiropractor, equine dental specialist, equine masseuse, Energy worker, and acuscope/myopulse. The AIA farrier is a treasure, trained in orthopedic techniques utilizing the hot forge (hot or cold shoeing), who works in close collaboration with the AIA herd vet.

Expectations, Procedures and Process

The position of Equine Safety Support Advocate is available to those Adventures In Awareness (AIA) students with a high degree of classical horse skills in traditional longeing, ground manners work, and balanced seat riding. This individual has practical common sense with a strong equine physiology skill base.

AIA Equine Safety Support  Advocate
Ideally the Adventures In Awareness Equine Safety Support Advocate has a BA or BS degree in related field of psychosocial human dynamics with emphasis in the significance and influence of Culture. It is particularly beneficial for said individual to have a multi-cultural language background, direct experience of Diversity, and conscious recovery and rehabilitation skills contributing to health and wellness.

Adventures In Awareness Internship Programs (AIA IP) and professional training workshops are linked through the University of Arizona School of Education, Educational Psychology Department (Tucson, AZ) and Prescott College Master in Mental health Counseling (Prescott, AZ). AIA works with horses and the language of metaphor found in a traditional training and schooling barn to teach people life skills of communication, group process, self awareness and self knowledge.

The AIA Equine Safety Support Advocate works with AIA faculty (human and equine) to teach equine facilitated experiential learning process work learning practice of equine facilitated program (EFP) and educators learning teaching of equine facilitated experiential learning.

During the AIA IP 14 day curriculum cycle, scheduled two to three times a year at different locations through out the United States and Europe, the AIA Equine Safety Support Advocate works full 10 hour days and evenings. See the AIA calendar for details. Work as an Equine Safety Support Advocate qualifies for certificate hours and pays a stipend in addition to workshop tuition fees. Travel expenses, meals and lodgings are not paid.

March 1977 – November 2009

Rama, one of the beloved equine staff members at Adventures in Awareness, was laid to rest on November 15, 2009. Barbara shares her thoughts on her soul mate, teacher and friend. Click here to read more about Rama's life.


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