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Thoughts On Rama
March 1977 – November 2009

Rambling-Kay-Bar "RAMA" AQHA Appendix Registered chestnut mare with lovely white blaze stood 16 hands of flashy agility and grace. She was genetically a Thoroughbred out of Three Bars by a Native Dancer mare who made her times on an Oklahoma track. Rama was FAST. And yet her idea of shying was, "excuse me, ah Barbara, you may want to pay attention, ah red alert ahead - ah OK well never mind". And or a strong bolt after plenty of warning to anchor solid in the saddle; in her youth she was flat out from a standstill.

Rama came into my life as a three year old just about to turn four; we achieved the Prix St. Georges level in dressage before my over training and ignorance brought on a road founder. She recovered with only a partial rotation of her coffin bone in her right front hoof thanks to the superior field nursing of Jonas and Heather Irbinskas. She became a brood mare and her two colts helped build my graduate school fund.

Rama's long rein training and five speeds of the walk, lateral movements at walk and trot had her working for 7 years at TROT. Just a little too tall to be clinical treatment horse of first pick, she taught the Instructors long lining skills. Rama was the horse of choice for those independent riders wanting to canter. She plain would not budge out of a trot until the rider was balanced and centered.



When retired from TROT, Rama came to work in Adventures In Awareness. She lived at Prescott's Chapel Rock Retreat Center working with campers, adults on respite and the Prescott College students learning Experiential Education with the help of horses. Rama moved with the five other AIA herd members for our year of research with Horses of Hope in Baxter Springs, KS. She enjoyed the long mosey walks bareback around the cornfields.

Later in her early twenties when barefoot came into my consciousness and her dream messages to me of her hooves as tree trunks growing into the ground, Rama transitioned to no shoes with the help of Wayne Sikes and achieved working soundness under David Landreville's regular nurturing care. As our old Tucson barn, AIM HIGH, was closing out to become a school, Rama spent a year on pasture with Linda & Shelly at their lovely Apache Springs Ranch in Sonoita. She was individually stewarded by the conscientious and capable Cathy Caplan.

Our last four years have been based here in Tucson at Raven Ranch. Individually stewarded and deeply loved by Claudia who groomed her several days a week and walk trotted her out on the poop trail track while allowing her to roll in the sandy Pantano Wash. Rama loved working in Adventures In Awareness. Last Sunday morning she worked with a group of Journaling with the Help of Horses participants. Contentedly she enjoyed the Con Su Permiso sharing of energy with several of the adults drawn to her heart field. Several months ago, REATA Vet. Clinic diagnosed final stage kidney disease. Her time would be definite and clear - a mimic colic, dehydration and no cap refill; her red blood cells exhausted by a suspected tumor. At lunch, Rama showed no interest in her food and water and developed a tucked up pain in her tummy agitation. Dr. Ann Pearson was already in the barn dealing with Brownie's mystery injury of swollen right front leg and chest; she made Rama comfortable and I had the afternoon to finish. "It is my time", Rama tells me. "Ok dear and treasured friend I will help you to leave." At dusk, on poop trail's favorite rolling spot, she faced the west and was laid to rest. The sky took on the pinkish glow associated with Vargas. Anna Calek said, "Vargas is here".

I am so grateful she went with such dignity and grace; she lives always in my heart. What a rare privilege to have 29 years with a precious soul mate, teacher and friend. Each night as I tucked her in, I would wrap my arms around her neck and smell her pungent burnt cinnamon smell. She came into my dreams that night. Frolicking with Vargas, Saudi, Buckingham, Diora, Bintina and Dolly; I awoke feeling peaceful joy. Her smell lingered. My first conscious thought, "She has no more pain." Thank you Rama; I appreciate your Presence.

Tucson, AZ November 15, 2009

Rama Rama

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