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Dear Crackers,

How are you?   I'm doing pretty well.   I haven't gotten to go riding at all since I left Sierra Tucson.   I hope your getting along O.K.   I miss you a lot & I love you.   I really wish we could be together & go running around in the forests up in the mountains.   Or maybe just hang out riding around playing together in the field of dreams.   But I suppose we aren't supposed to be together right now....  I need this time to work through & figure out my life.   I want to thank you though.   I feel that you helped me out a great deal with my early recovery.   You showed me a great reason to want to be sober.   If I was still using today I would probably be shot dead.   I met you & you were so good to me.   You taught me that there are so many things that I really love to do that I can't do when I'm using.   I think one of the reasons that we were so comfortable together is that we are part of the same universal mind.   We often think & especially feel alike.   You have such a peaceful and pure spirit.   I used to be very much like that just a few years ago.   I just didn't realize that the hard times were learning experiences of life.   I love you for showing me how to set my true spirit free.

        Until we meet again
              I love you
              D. C.

Adventures in Awareness(TM)
Adventures In Awareness